Ahko Mine

Guitarist   /   Composer   /   Producer

Ahko is a guitarist, composer and music producer originating from the greater Los Angeles area. Known best for his Japanese video game and anime inspired sound, Ahko is currently involved with numerous projects including but not limited to playing the role of a composer and music producer for independent video game; Maids & Demons, and is actively performing with bands in Tokyo, Japan.

From a young age, Ahko had experimented with toy instruments and music within his school’s educational curriculum. Although Ahko had expressed an interest in the arts, his passion for music was not discovered and embraced until later in his life when he had received his first guitar as a birthday gift from his parents. Ever since, Ahko has pursued his music career through band performances and education with Berklee College of Music.

Apart from music, Ahko’s hobbies include eating delicious food, watching anime and playing video games. Keep up with Ahko’s shenanigans on Twitter!