Ahko September 7, 2019

Somehow, it has already been a few months since I left my life in California behind in order to attend the Berklee College of Music. My first semester has long since ended, and I am preparing to buckle down and resume study for the fall semester. As of right now, I can only express disbelief when it comes to how fast my time here has gone by. I imagine living life on fast-forward will be a common theme in the next few years of my life and I can only hope that the effort I am putting in will be enough to make the most of what is coming my way.

The original intent behind starting the blog on my website was to offer a few updates over the course of a semester at Berklee, both for whomever may end up finding interest in my story and more importantly- for myself to look back and reflect upon in the future. Unfortunately, writing at the originally intended pace has proven a bit challenging given my current circumstances. I find that it is hard to write and publish anything when there is little to no substance to be offered and thus will be making an effort to find things to write about as I proceed into the future. Perhaps a a glimpse into my projects would suffice…

In any case, life in Boston has been a little bit boring outside of the greatness that has been Berklee. I miss a lot of the food in Los Angeles and Tokyo and find that it is a lot harder to find easy access to things that I once enjoyed in other parts of the world. On the other hand, I was introduced to the healthy collection of museums that Boston has to offer and have been admiring said museums nearly every chance I get. The Museum of Fine Arts in particular was amazing and I am excited to see what will be changed for the exhibitions in the future.

It’s not much, but that’s pretty much it. You can always keep up with smaller updates and shenanigans on my Twitter. In any case, more exciting stuff soon. Until next time~