Ahko is a guitarist, composer, music producer, and arranger currently based in the Los Angeles area. During childhood, Ahko spent most of his time daydreaming about the engaging music and alluring atmospheres of his favorite anime and video game worlds. Knowing he wanted to be a part of such creation, at the age of 13, Ahko started playing electric guitar. This ignited a passion for music that led him to become the artist he is today—one who strives to convey the same excitement he felt as a daydreaming kid in the music he composes and performs.

Ahko has played with a variety of musicians and performing acts in the Greater Los Angeles and in Tokyo areas. In Los Angeles, Ahko spent years teaching guitar and music theory to students at local music academies as well as performing with local acts. He has also composed and produced music for video games and commercials. Ahko has recently graduated from the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts after studying under names such as Bill Elliot, Norman Zocher, and Tim Miller.